SIA training is the initial security industry training leading to SIA Licence for working as a Door Supervisor, Security Guard, CCTV Operator, Close Protection Officer (Bodyguard). We provide information and training on various areas of the security and construction sectors. Our committed team of security trainers (instructors) draw on their industry experience and academic backgrounds to provide clear, thoughtful and practical teaching to prospective candidates interested in obtaining SIA licence to work in the private security industry. Security HR website aims to provide up to date information on SIA licence and its training requirements. We also provide non-SIA in-house security risk management training. We provide help with finding work in London. We also supply SIA licensed Door Supervisors (nightclub security) to Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants and Cinemas. HR Visa services are duly authorised to obtain and renew UK work visas for foreign nationals.

We are one of the largest online security protection companies in the United Kingdom (UK); a security training organisation providing SIA training for Security guards, Door Supervisors and CCTV operators based in South London with SIA training taking place at Lambeth, Southwark, Camberwell, Canary Wharf and London Borough of Merton. All SIA training centre are within 3 miles or less, of: Elephant and Castle SE1, Kennington SE11, Oval, Camberwell SE5, Peckham SE15, Westminster, London Bridge, Brixton SW9, Streatham SW16, Clapham & Vauxhall SW4, New Cross SE4, New Cross Gate SE3, Old Kent Road, Colliers wood, Tooting, Balham, Modern, Epsom Surrey, Bermondsey, Surrey Quays, Woolwich, Greenwich, Lewisham SE13, Crystal Palace, Croydon CR1, Upper Norwood SE19, Norwood, Waterloo, Woolwich, Herne Hill London SE24, Chatham, Rochester Kent. We cover all London and the South East.

Nightclub Security Services

We provide SIA licensed Door Supervisors to Night Clubs, Bars, Restaurants and Cinemas.  Please go here to book Nightclub Security for your venue: Book licensed nightclub security and door supervisors

Visa Services

We provide advice on most categories of visa renewals and “right to work” if you are a foreign national.  HR “Right to Work” Services is part of HR Liba Ltd, authorised and regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (Reference Number F201600082).  For the full extent of our visa and immigration services, go here to our visa page: HR immigration services right to work

SIA Training Services

In addition to our nightclub security and visa services, we provide SIA courses – Security Guarding Course, Door Supervisor Course, Physical Intervention and CCTV courses. Each SIA training course is individually structured to meet workplace demands and national standards.

Construction Site Training and First Aid Courses

We also provide Construction Site CSCS Green Card Labourer Course, Traffic Marshall (Banksman), Site Safety Plus training and First Aid courses.

SIA Courses

SIA training courses are modular training courses.  Each SIA Course is structured in 12 or more different modules; all designed to ensure that the SIA licence holder has the required knowledge and skills needed to work as a front-line licence holder.

There are other SIA courses, but we provide the following courses:

Our popular SIA training courses are CCTV, Security Guarding and Door Supervision training.

Book SIA security course here: Security Training Courses

SIA Training Centres

We are one of the largest online security protection companies in the United Kingdom (UK).  Our security training centres provide SIA training for Security guards, Door Supervisors and CCTV operators.

SIA Course duration and timing

It is a 4-day course.  It starts at 10am and finishes at 7pm each day.  SIA training and full attendance is mandatory.  You must attend the entire duration and pass the exams.

Costs of our SIA training

Please go to Security Training Courses to see prices for our security courses.  We ask you to pay a small deposit to reserve your place on the course.  The balance is payable on the day.  Prices include course materials, certificates and training.  The SIA will charge a separate fee for the actual licence when you apply.  Their current costs can be found here:

Construction Site Courses

Construction Site CSCS Green Card Labourer Course, Traffic Marshall (Banksman), Site Safety Plus.  Please go here for details: Construction Site Courses

First Aid Courses

For First Aid courses go here: First aid Courses


The Security Industry Authority (SIA)

Under the Security Industry Act 2001, regulation of the Security Industry is undertaken by the SIA.
The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is responsible for issuing SIA licence following the completion of your Door Supervision or Security Guarding or CCTV (PSS) Operations or any SIA training course.
There is SIA licence badge for each security sector and if, for example you have completed SIA training on three SIA courses you are entitled to apply for licence and obtain 3 separate licences in those security sectors.

SIA Licence Training RequirementsSIA licence is a legal requirement for anybody interested in working in the private security industry. The licence requirements are similar, if not the same as the training requirements. Here, we provide help and advice on the general requirements for the training needed to obtain a Security Industry (SIA) licence and help with finding work in London and other parts of the UK.

There are different SIA courses. Each SIA course leads towards the qualification required for SIA licence. The SIA cannot issue Security license unless you can satisfy the Security Industry Authority (the-SIA) that you have completed the required training.

Each SIA course forms an individual requirement for SIA licence in that sector. For example:

  • CCTV training course is aimed towards satisfying the requirements for SIA licence for CCTV operations on public spaces. You will not be able to work as a security guard or Door Supervisor with this licence. The CCTV licence if for those interested in working in CCTV control rooms.
  • Security guarding course is aimed towards satisfying the training requirements for SIA licence for Security Guards. With this licence, you can operate CCTV in a security guarding environment such as retail shops, shopping centres, construction sites and even nightclubs; but not in CCTV control rooms. Note that you need Door Supervision licence to do frontline security at nightclubs.
  • Door Supervisor training is aimed towards satisfying the training requirement for licence for Door supervisors. This licence covers you to work as a security guard and at nightclubs and operate CCTV at these settings.

Please go here for further information on SIA licence and Training Requirements: SIA licence requirements
SIA licence costs for two or more licences

It is possible you to do three SIA courses and pay and obtain SIA licence in those 3 sectors. The Security Industry Authority – the SIA have made it easier and cheaper for SIA licence applicants to be able to apply for SIA licence in more than one security sector should their role overlap a security sector, different from the one for which they hold a licence.
A holder of SIA licence in one Security sector can apply for a licence in another security sector. He pays only half the fees for the second SIA licence or any subsequent licence in any other security sector.

For example, if you hold SIA license for Door Supervisors; to apply for a SIA licence for Security Guards you only need to pay half the fees of your first licence for the second licence. Similarly, if you hold SIA licence for CCTV operators you will only need to pay half the fees for door supervision licence; and vice-versa.
As an illustration and according to the SIA, “if you applied for a Security licence (at a cost of £220) and you also needed a Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) licence, the second licence would cost £110. Note that if you already hold a licence when you apply for the second one, the first licence must have at least four months plus one day left to run, for the second licence to be discounted. The SIA would take the discount into account when they calculate the required application fee.

Is there a requirement for more than one SIA licence?

No. There is no requirement to hold more than one SIA licence. However, it is a good idea if you want to be able to work in more than one security sector. Holding more than one SIA licence only ensures that you do not miss out on opportunities in the security company for which you are working. For example, your employer may specialise in Security Guarding (supply of security officers to non-licensed premises) and might have employed you because you hold a valid SIA licence for Security Guards or Door Supervisors. Later, they decide to expand to the CCTV sector. If you therefore hold CCTV licence in your ‘back pocket’, it might be easier to migrate to a new job role or at least you’ll have the choice.
Whichever security sector’s SIA licence you currently hold; with a second SIA licence it only serves to improve opportunities. Also career progression is more feasible if you hold SIA licence in two or more “license sectors”.

However, there is no evidence to show that a person holding a single licence cannot achieve the same career progression. If you hold a SIA licence in one security sector there is also a chance that your employer may arrange for internal SIA licence training and structure the SIA courses in a way that it not only meets the SIA licence standards but also covers the specific nature of their business.

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