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Security HR is here to assist nightclubs, restaurants, bars, sports centres and private parties meet their demands for security from their clients and customers.  Security HR hopes to promote security at venues and at the same time provide comfort to clients and customers.

We do this via implantation of work processes in the United Kingdom; which shares many common law features with other countries such as Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Nigeria, other English-speaking countries and the United States.

We provide practical solutions to the problems of how to protect people, property, and premises.  It is a problem recognised throughout our SIA training for our door supervisors and security guards.  Our security service is expected to serve as a tailored protection source for entertainment venues through the provision of SIA licensed nightclub Door Supervisors to Nightclubs, Bars and Cinemas.

We also provide in-house security training, especially in the area of Security Risk Management.  The Security Risk Management course is designed for security managers and supervisors.  However, anybody can attend the course.  It is aimed at NVQ Level 3.  It deals with Anti-terrorism and Emergency Procedures.

We aim at improving security and the feeling of safety in business premises and communities.  Our security procedures address the issues of crime and fear of crime throughout at Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants and Cinemas where we operate.  Our risk management training is part of the SIA training that we provide to our regular SIA door supervisors.  It is specifically dedicated to dealing with the threats of terrorism and organised crime through risk management strategies.  Central to the crime reduction strategies is the partnership between the police, the community which we immediately put into action immediately upon arrival at Night Clubs, Bars, Restaurants and Cinemas.  We implement the principle of ‘territoriality’ and stimulate people to take responsibility to protect their territories through vigilance and access control.  Our trained and SIA licensed Door Supervisor implements this principle via patrolling, access control, CCTV, and electronic security systems.

Our SIA training are structured courses which cover in detail, the provision of private security in the hospitality industry; events, hotels, nightclubs, bars, restaurants and sports venues.  Our courses also cover Manager-Door supervisor relationship in these venues.  The SIA courses cover how the public police can work with managers of these venues to provide policing in these areas and other high crime areas.  Each SIA course covers the need for effective communication between partners and between Door Supervisors and between CCTV Operators.  The course contains recommended operational procedures for radio use in communication.  Other areas covered are; the civil and criminal law, arrest, searching, Health and safety procedures, fire awareness and emergency procedures.

Towards the end of the SIA course the door supervisors are taught ‘business continuity management’.  This aims to reduce the post-incident impact of disasters and emergencies in organisations.  The training finishes with instructions on how personnel can report and record incidents in the workplace.  The training also deals with issues of evidence and how to preserve a crime scene.  Each of our SIA licensed Door Supervisor understands the functions security personnel are expected to perform in various roles and venues.  Our security operations and training meets, not just the UK SIA standards, but international and Aviation security standards.  Our procedures are well tested and in use most important assignments.

In the end we expect that clients will find our training and security procedures not only identify contemporary security problems, but offers solutions.  In an era where businesses are hit by drops in profit and security companies are either closing down or merging, our procedures provide an opportunity for the business owner to train and align their Human Resources to our service.    To this end we tend to stimulate an informal in-house security team.

Overall, Security HR aims at modernising our security roles by integrating our activities with that of the client in an informal way.  This is expected to reduce security costs to the business and improve security efficiency and efficacy.  There is need for professionalism in the private security sector around the world.  It is vital that owners of land and property can afford the services of the private security to complement the role of the public police.  Our view is that, once procedures are correctly implemented, the number of incidents in Night Clubs, Bars, Restaurants and Cinemas will reduce.  Shrinking the number of incidents at these venues would displace certain organised crimes such as terrorism.  This is because surveillance and vigilance would then play a meaningful role in general crime prevention.

Finally, our training and operations are based on approved UK security procedures, and are suitable for venues of all types and sizes.  However, our trained SIA Licensed Door Supervisor at Night Clubs, Bars, Restaurants and Cinemas is trained to adapt to venues’ social, cultural and economic context.  Our assignment instructions are drafted each Night Clubs, Bars, Restaurants and Cinemas at the time.  Our training and instructions are also tailored to make it easy for Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants and Cinemas to adapt contents to their own rules and regulations where possible.

Work to start in MORE THAN 24 hrs from submission of form – £180 per Door Supervisor per up to 12 hours shift

Work to start in LESS THAN 24 hrs from submission of form – £260 per Door Supervisor per up to 12 hours shift

How many shifts? = shifts multiplied by price – 1, 2 shifts etc

Call us for a huge discount if you require several shifts.

Minimum shift is 12 hours.

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