First Aid Courses

First Aid Awareness

All workplaces should have a first aid box and an appointed person in charge of first aid and where necessary calling emergency services. An employer has a common law duty of care to ensure that their actions or omissions do not cause or worsen injury to another person.

First aid is an emergency treatment given to an injured person or a person taken ill until full medical treatment is available.

It aims to:

  • Make casualty comfortable
  • Prevent condition from worsening
  • Promote recovery

Actions to take

  • Assess the situation
  • Ensure your own safety
  • Make the surrounding area safe
  • Shout for help
  • Open air way
  • Check for normal breathing
  • Contact emergency services for assistance

Before providing first aid you must first check that:

  • You have an up-to-date first aid qualification
  • You have been appointed or authorized to give first aid

In all other cases and if in any doubt, call the ambulance by dialling an emergency number on your phone.

St. John’s Ambulance,