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Security HR provides cost effective Corporate security personnel services, on-site guarding and security solutions. Whatever are your security requirements, talk to our sales us today. We will assess your security needs and deliver the best security solution to your business and tailored to your needs.

We provide permanent and temporary guarding services to individuals and organisations in London and Home Counties with clients across industrial, corporate and retail sectors with high level contract support and personnel management.

As a reputable contract security company and suppliers, our recruitment, training and vetting policies are designed with your business needs in mind; vetting to industry standards – BS 7858. All our security personnel hold SIA licence. Apart from the general training and qualifications required by regulation, all our SIA licensed Security Officers undergo specific site training, on-site, to cover the basics of the nature of your business and clientele. Our SIA licensed Security Guards receive advanced training on Counter and Anti-terrorism procedure. They also receive enhanced training on Emergency Procedures.

As we consider every site to be different, a general understanding of the nature of your business and clientele will help individual Security Guards or Door Supervisors develop further customer service skills to meet your customer expectations and manage any gap. We take our management tasks very serious.

Our HR Security Management Initiative

It is an exciting and challenging experience to work in an environment where people and time management are at the heart of employers’ businesses driven by targets and organisation’s interests. Security personnel are expected to help in achieving these HR goals. To our managers, it is hard to imagine any other discipline or career as exciting as the HR Security Management.

HR management is indispensable in today’s security business. The provision of SIA licensed door supervisors, CCTV operators and Security Guards to businesses is completely in isolation and cannot provide complete security solution without sound HR security strategy geared towards blending individual security guard’s interest with the organisation’s interests managed to the success of the client’s business.

The strategy to balance the interests of the security guards with that of the contractual security employer’s interests is to device the best way to attract those not only with the genuine interest to deter or detect rule breakers, but also interested in being part of a team adaptable to the ever-changing security environment. Employee Retention: Retention of employees has been the biggest challenge to HR Security Management. It is therefore understandable that any HR security strategy considers the legal environment (employee law suites), company norms and the economy to achieve the entire objective.

A good understanding of what attracts potential employees to a company and understanding of the company’s goals will help in deciding who to hire. Balancing the employee’s goal of ‘job security’ with the organisation’s goal of profitability through a cost effective approach to get employees contribute to organisations interests. The ability to build and motivate employees in this direction is a welcome challenge as far as HR security is concerned.

Just as HR management is indispensable, ongoing training – beyond the entry level SIA licence security training must ‘sandwich’ employer’s targets and employee’s goals inducing the kind of motivation sustained by employees’ ongoing need for professional development.

It must be recognised that employees and potential employees want rewards. They want to know the company values, e.g. environmental policies and other policies, company brand and where they stand in the security industry; type of work and growth opportunities within the firm. It is the challenging duty of the HR Security management to match these needs with the company values or interests to ensure the best people are hired and retained. If the HR management gets it right, retention and productivity will be achieved.

In short, HR security management is more than a formidable middle player between employees and top management.

Scope of our Corporate Security Services

Temporary or Permanent guarding services: We can provide you with temporary or permanent guarding services on short notice; increase personnel cover to cope with event or situation.

Special event security: Special event security, stewarding, refurbishment programmes, public demonstrations, crowd control, large sporting events, exhibitions, festivals, concerts and conferences.

  • Static Guarding Services
  • Expert Customer Service Role
  • Retail trained Security Officers: Retail trained Security Officers to protect your store, merchandise, staff and customers with good customer care to enhance retail/shopping experience.
  • Non – Uniformed in-store Detectives
  • Shopping centres – we also provide CCTV monitoring, control room staff and Customer Service Officers.
  • Corporate Sector – We provide front door, front of the house Security Reception, CCTV monitoring, Post Room, Searches, Gatehouse duties and Car Park management.
  • Warehouse Guarding – Gatehouse access control, load checking, vehicle and personal searches.
  • Security Reception and Concierge Services – monitoring access of customers, employees, contractors, visitors, issuing temporary passes/badges, maintaining logs and giving directions/controlling access.
  • Door Supervisors: We also provide SIA licensed Door Men (previously known as bouncers) to licensed premises or event, decide upon the suitability of customers to be allowed on to the licenced premises, and to maintain order and public safety; using their judgment fairly and effectively whilst enforcing the venue’s policies.
  • We also provide residential security patrols in private Estate buildings.

Why choose us?

  • Our service is consistent and reliable
  • Quick response by management
  • SIA licenced, trustworthy and confident Security Personnel
  • Specific site training – Security Guards and Door Supervisors receive one-day on-site training covering your nature of business and clientele
  • Security Officers with professional image and sensitive to client and customer needs
  • Security Personnel and Services adequately insured for your peace of mind

Training and Development

  • All our Security Officers hold valid SIA licence
  • Security Officers and Door Supervisors receive refresher training on Communication and Conflict Management specific to the nature of your business
  • Ongoing training
  • Personal Development Courses

We comply with BS7499 – Static site guarding and mobile patrol service. Code of Practice.  The British Standard recommended for the management, staffing and operation of an organization providing security guarding services on a static site and/or mobile patrol basis,

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